WHO: violence and social determinants of health

the Prevention of Violence (PVL) Unit within the Social Determinants of Health Department

Within the Social Determinants of Health Department, the Prevention of Violence (PVL) Unit focuses on preventing interpersonal violence in all its forms, with an emphasis on preventing violence against children. It does so by providing strategic leadership on the topic; developing evidence, norms and standards, including implementation tools; building national capacities to address these issues; and fostering global advocacy. The PVL Unit engages a broad range of partners and networks to scale up effective action and track progress in countries, in particular through implementation of INSPIRE: seven strategies for preventing violence against children and the related technical package.


WHO Violence Prevention Unit: approach, objectives and activities, 2022-2026

This brief strategy document outlines the WHO Violence Prevention Unit’s approach to violence prevention, and its objectives and activities for 2022-2026. It is aimed at policy-makers, civil society organizations, academics, funders, and others who would like to know more about the who, why, how, what, when and where of violence prevention efforts at WHO.


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