The SOUND project showed at the ERS conference

The SOUND project it’s a narrative medicine project which the purpose was the gathering of experiences narrated by the doctor throughout the parallel chart to highlight the living not only of the patient with Serious Asthma, but also of his family and of the doctor that follows him in his way. The project involved 66 physician between allergists, pulmonologists and pediatricians that wrote 314 parallel charts describing life and their relationship with patients.

The results of the project will be showed at European Respiratory Society conference that will be held in Milan the 11-12-13 of September. The poster, with the title “Narrative medicine to evaluate the relationship between clinicians and patients living with severe asthma” will be showed inside the “Medical education, web and internet” area, the 11 September from the 12:50 untill th 14:40 in “TP-38 (Hall 4)”.

In September will be also held a reunion of consensus to understand the better communication strategies regarding severe asthma in pediatrics, at the consensus will partecipate pediatricians, experts and patients’ delegates and of their relatives.


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Degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology from the University of Padua and subsequently attended the Master "Scientists in the Company” of ISTUD. Project Manager of the Healthcare Area, Antonietta is an expert in research based on Narrative Medicine and technological innovation applied to research. Expertise in the field of respiratory medicine thanks to the management of the projects "The words of breath 2015-2016" and "SOUND".She presented the results of her research at the international congresses ICAR 2014, EHA 2014, EADV 2015 and ERS 2016 and 2017. In addition to having participated in the writing of the book "Storie Luminose" published by the Sole 24 ore Cultura, she is author of numerous scientific publications.

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