The Healthy Project on the Italian journal ‘Prevenzione Cardiovascolare’

On the Italian journal ‘Prevenzione Cardiovascolare‘ (in English ‘Cardiovascular Prevention’), in January-February 2019, a paper was dedicated to the Healthy Project. The project was carried out by the Healthcare Area of ISTUD Foundation, represents the Italian research, and has international partners as Turchy, Bulgary, Romany, and Spain.

The article, entitled ‘Narrating the obesity to better care it’, was written by the journalist Alberto Ferrari, and does not only homage to the precious ISTUD researchers’ work (Valeria Gatti, Project Manager, and Maria Giulia Marini, Scientific Director of the Healthcare Area) but could also be consider a great occasion to diffuse the innovative narrative method (of which ISTUD is a Reference center) applied to the field of obesity.

The project results, that are already in progress, will be important in the obesity phenomenon prevention since too often it affects the population worldwide.

We report here the entire article, in Italian, to our readers: “Narrare l’obesità per curarla meglio”

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