Results of the “NOI: technology and child” project

The results of the “NOI: technology and child” project, carried out with the contribution of Roche Diabetes Care Italy SpA, were presented during the SIEDP Congress 2017 – Padova, 27-29 September, during the symposium “Technologies and child: from disease to illness”.

The project has seen the collection of 73 people, including children with diabetes and their parents, who have told their story about their relationship with technology for the daily management of diabetes.

The main points emerged from the research were:

– Type I diabetes is a disease that has an impact on the child’s daily life, affecting the child’s daily routine and the relationship with others, who ask for explanations and show interest.

– In some cases, the need to control nutrition, activity and night-time blood sugar trends is a burden.

– Technology is a support for the young person and the family, it helps in the relationship with others and also in managing blood sugar levels both day and night.

– There is great hope for the future of more advanced devices and advances in the medical and scientific field.

Valeria Gatti

Graduated in Political Economy at the University of Pavia. She is the coordinator of the Master Scientists in the Company of ISTUD, for which she is responsible for organizing the teaching activities and supporting the students in the orientation and research of the internship. Within the Health Care Area, she carries out research projects, also at European level, in the field of health and well-being, with particular interest in chronic diseases. In recent years, in addition to applying narrative research in the field of health care, she has also applied this methodology in work organizations to understand the health of employees.

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