Project "Born before the time" presented in Rome: Narrative Medicine and the stories of families living a preterm birth

The “Born before the time” project was conducted by ISTUD Foundation, in collaboration with the association Vivere Onlus, and the unconditional support by AbbVie.

The project provided for the collection of stories of families living a preterm birth, and the consequent care pathway. The aim was that of collect, through narratives, the sparks relative to experiences, needs, expectations emerging from the pathway, in order to identify the most adequate intervention rooms from a management and supportive point of view.

Through narratives, parents and families of premature babies could give a precious evidence of their experiences, contributing to define the state of art of management of care pathways for preterm births in Italy.

Our wish is to have done the groundwork, through an accurate and expert reading of narratives, for starting a process of reorganization of services in order to improve the life quality of involved families.

The project was presented in Rome, at the Health Ministry, on 16th September 2015.

Among the several articles (in italian) published about it, we recommend:

La Repubblica: “Medicina Narrativa. Nascere prima del tempo: le storie dei genitori”.

Corriere della Sera: “Nascere prima del tempo, i bisogni delle famiglie dei neonati prematuri” .


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One thought on “Project "Born before the time" presented in Rome: Narrative Medicine and the stories of families living a preterm birth

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    are there any articles of this project in English available?
    I’m a PhD student from Germany conducting interdisciplinary research on the intersection of medicine and cultural anthropology on narratives of parents with prematurely born children. I’m very interested in your amazing project. It would be wonderful to connect those two in my writing, especially since there isn’t much out there to this fascinating topic – unfortunately I cannot read Italian. If you could help me out in any way, I would be thrilled.
    All the best,
    Miriam Halstein

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