Neuroscience and ten songs that reduce stress by up to 65%

music stressNowadays stress it’s one of the upset that mainly associate our shaken everyday life. Everybody have their personal drain valve and everybody realize different methods, tricks and techniques against it.

Between so many solutions, here’s one proposed by science: indeed are been detected 10 famous songs, acknowledged like the most relaxing on the planet.

The sound therapy, the music therapy, isn’t surely a discovery of the contemporary age. For centuries, for example, native cultures utilised music to improve their wellness. Now however the attention it’s focused upon a group of neuroscientists from UK.

Was conducted a study where participants had to solve very quickly a series of difficult puzzles. This while they were connected to sensors. Puzzles induced a certain level of stress in the participants, that meanwhile was listening different songs. Researchers measured disparate factors: brain activity, physiological states, heath rate, blood pressure and rate of breathing.

According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, which conducted the research, the top songs of the list of the test generate a remarkable state of relaxation, higher than any else kind of music tested. For example listening “Weightless”, song at the first position, anxiety it’s reduced by 65% and the physiological resting rates by 35%.

The remarkable fact is that the first track was realized expressly with this purpose: Marconi Union created “Weightless” in collaboration with sound therapists, arranging every notes with the aim of reducing the speed of the heath rate and stress hormones.

The stakes it’s very high: according with a study developed by Harvard and Stanford, health diseases related to job stress cause more deaths than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or influenza. Therefor music could be one of the ways out, or at least an efficient drain valve, for the commune problematic of this modernity always on the run.

Here’s the top ten of songs that neuroscience recognised like most incisive in the fight against anxiety:

  1. We Can Fly,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)
  1. Canzonetta Sull’aria,” by Mozart
  1. Someone Like You,” by Adele
  1. Pure Shores,” by All Saints
  1. Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona
  1. Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay
  1. Watermark,” by Enya
  1. Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix),” by DJ Shah
  1. Electra,” by Airstream
  1. Weightless,” by Marconi Union


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