Narrative medicine storyline, women that lived or are living the experience of care for the breast cancer: tell us your history

ISTUD Foundation is now collecting narrations of women that lived or are living the experience of care for the breast cancer; the initiative is particularly launched by Marina Mariani, participant at the actual edition of the Master of Applied Narrative Medicine. Marina lived the experience with the breast cancer twice and, through this activity of listening, mean bring to light the livings, the care environments, the communication modalities and the relations between patients and care-givers.

We desire to invite women that are interested to make their voice loud, narrating their experiences of care through a proposed track.

The track was identified after a careful work of analysis and choice of words, expression of a universal language. With this same track we are gathering narrations of women that are living the cares for the breast cancer in France, Portugal and Australia. It’s the first occasion for a project of international narrative co-operation; our intent and wish is to figure out, through narrations, the commune and contrast elements between countries in the organization and manage of paths and relations of care, the strong points to learn and share, and the weak points to improve.

We thank by now anyone will give us his narration.


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Graduated in Literature at the University of Eastern Piedmont, he's now studying anthropological and ethnological science at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Journalist and writer, he collaborated with many local newspapers and in the 2015 he published his first book "Qui non arriva la pioggia". In the 2017 published "Il peccato armeno, ovvero la binarietà del male".

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