A narrative future for Health Care

Medicina Narrativa RembrandtReport dalla “Narrative Medicine Conference” di Londra, promossa dal King’s College in collaborazione con la Columbia University di New York.
There were no boundaries between medical literature and patient’s chronicles. This was the first thing on which people at congress were somewhat in agreement: while the literature professors were keeping high the flag that literature is beyond fictions, on the other hand the scientists were more sceptical on “imagining and inventing too much”. And I was one of the latter wing, until I stopped myself in starting to judge – or prejudge- and started to get the possible reasons why. And before trying to give a clue for such a “melting pot” between real life stories and literature, let me talk about ideas and facts which have been presented at the congress.
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Epidemiologa e counselor, divulgatrice delle Humanities for Health in Italia. "Coming from a classic humanistic high school, I’ve chosen to integrate this knowledge with scientific university studies, in primis, chemistry and pharmacology. After this experience, I quit academy since I wanted to challenge myself in “real life practice” in the private multinational environment, and through these I’ve been following international projects. I worked in a private company in medical research then moved to health economics among the pioneers, achieving also an academic specialization in Epidemiology, and and then I moved to consultancy and to business education. Fondazione ISTUD with this humanistic management approach represented the possiblity to build a bridge between science and humanities in health care. In the mean while I became counselor with transactional analysis vision. I'm deeply inspired by culture, multinational exchange, youth concrete education, gender non discrimination, and social living. "

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