Medical Humanities to overcome fragility moments – help us in identify the ideal filmography

We have often discussed in this journal on the role of writing as therapy, to pour out and reflect, to improve awareness, and that everyone could act, especially in fragility moments.

Although we tent to prevent us from sad moments with all our strength, being affected from an illness which exposed us, assisting our affected beloved ones, feeling pain, sadness, often temporary, is in our nature.

We had asked our readers “If you have a magic wand, how would you imagine the ideal place of care?”, and the answers spoke about the beauty of nature and of the art.

In past months, we had carried out some investigations on the help that Medical Humanities offers to Healthcare, Art, Music, and Literature, in overcoming fragility moments. In particular, we asked our readers to suggest us their soundtrack to overcome such sad moments; we also asked what books, journals… they would have in their ideal reading room in the Hospital.

This month, The Healthcare Area of ISTUD Foundation will run a survey on this topic, investigating the cinema, the 7th art after architecture, music, pictures, sculpture, poetry, and dance (and that includes film, animation, tv series…), allowing to lighten the emotional burden of illness and sadness.

Leave us your testimony on your favorite film or tv series: answering at the brief questions following you could contribute to creating the ideal film room in order to improve the deep attention on the person in Healthcare.

Silvia Napolitano

Researcher at Healthcare Area of ISTUD Foundation. Master degree in Industrial Biotechnology at University of Milano-Bicocca, Post-graduate ‘Scienziati in Azienda’ at ISTUD Foundation. Expert in Medical Writing, especially in areas as the qualitative research and Narrative Medicine. She contributes to research and educational projects with the aim of improving the quality of life and quality of care of patients with chronicle or genetic diseases.

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