Life for patients with myelofibrosis: new publication for Back to Life

In total, 287 questionnaires were returned by patients and 98 by caregivers, with 215 and 62, respectively, including the narrative. At the time of diagnosis, the most commonly expressed emotional states of patients were fear, distress and anger, confirming the difficulty of this phase. A high level of emotional distress was also reported by caregivers. Along the pathway of care, the ability to cope with the disease differed according to the quality of care received. The mean cost to each patient attributable to MF was estimated as €12,466 per year, with an estimated average annual cost of loss of income of €7774 per patient and €4692 per caregiver.

We are pleased to share with our readers the news that another publication on narrative medicine has been accepted by a prestigious scientific journal such as Springer’s “Quality of Life Research”. This publication attests to the openness that scientific journals are showing towards narrative research. The case study “Back to Life” deals with the life with myelofibrosis. Here you will be able to consult the search in full.

Matteo Nunner

Graduated in Literature at the University of Eastern Piedmont, he's now studying anthropological and ethnological science at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Journalist and writer, he collaborated with many local newspapers and in the 2015 he published his first book "Qui non arriva la pioggia". In the 2017 published "Il peccato armeno, ovvero la binarietà del male".

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