Written by Maria Giulia Marini

Epidemiologa e counselor, divulgatrice delle Humanities for Health in Italia. "Coming from a classic humanistic high school, I’ve chosen to integrate this knowledge with scientific university studies, in primis, chemistry and pharmacology. After this experience, I quit academy since I wanted to challenge myself in “real life practice” in the private multinational environment, and through these I’ve been following international projects. I worked in a private company in medical research then moved to health economics among the pioneers, achieving also an academic specialization in Epidemiology, and and then I moved to consultancy and to business education. Fondazione ISTUD with this humanistic management approach represented the possiblity to build a bridge between science and humanities in health care. In the mean while I became counselor with transactional analysis vision. I'm deeply inspired by culture, multinational exchange, youth concrete education, gender non discrimination, and social living. "