Intensive Workshop “Science and Technology of Narrative Medicine” | 7th-11th October 2015 Baveno, Italy

In the last years the interest in Narrative Medicine as possible way to improve healthcare paths has exponentially grown: more and more centers and professionals in Italy and all over the world has chosen to insert narrative in clinical practice, with the conviction that it could make healthcare system more sustainable.
If in Medical Humanities there is all the artistic and humanistic heritage taking part to the health/disease couple, Narrative Medicine is circumscribed to a real time and to places where professionals take care and do prevention. On experiences, testified through narratives, we can apply a scientific and rigorous method to value and review clinical pathways and healthcare organizations: indeed, through new technologies is possible to shift the attention from the singular experience to the multiplicity of patients that narrate themselves, to pass from an individual point of view – even if fundamental – of care personalization, to a more organizational vision.

The intensive and residential, advanced level and ECM licensed, Workshop “Science and Technology of Narrative Medicine” wants to present the most refined and current tools of this field to healthcare professionals, chief medical officers, nurses, psychotherapists, pharmacists, and other stakeholders, with the purpose of:

  • elaborate application strategies of Narrative Medicine in the organizational context;
  • analyze the evidences emerging from narratives in healthcare;
  • communicate them scientifically through publications.

Through interactive lessons, exercises and laboratories the participants will test typical tools of Narrative Medicine projects. During the Workshop, there will be individual and group working moments, in which participants will analyze collected stories of patients or operators, and will plan their own Narrative Medicine project. Participants will be supported by expert advice of ISTUD Foundation, connected with moments of dialogue and lectureship with national and international Narrative Medicine experts.
Every day will be structured on three sessions, each one dedicated to an expert lectureship, to laboratories and to professional testimonies. Among the main arguments, there will be the possible narratives classifications, the realization and publication of a scientific Narrative Medicine project, the reflective and creative writing, the Narrative Medicine aspects, the innovative and technological tools for elaborating narratives.

The Workshop will take place from 7th to 11th October in Baveno (VB, Italy), close up to Milan and Malpensa Airport, in the training center of ISTUD Foundation.


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One thought on “Intensive Workshop “Science and Technology of Narrative Medicine” | 7th-11th October 2015 Baveno, Italy

  1. I would like to know how I can register to attend this workshop. I am doing research in Narrative Medicine and I am leading a research project in this area that has been financed by Gulbenkian. I am a university teacher (Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal) and I am also a member of the Institute of Bioethics at Portuguese Catholic University.

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