If you had a magic wand: the wordclouds of the first results

Our recent survey entitled “If you had a magic wand“, dedicated to the ideal place of care according to our readers, is still open and active. However, we have already collected some very interesting feedback that we would like to start sharing with you right away. Here are two wordclouds, one in Italian and the other in English, created through the most common words in the answers received so far.

You will see that we will not need 1000 answers: they are so much consistent in explaining what patients, doctors, nurses, psychoterapists, administrators, caregivers, citizen needs. Have a nice reading: only one comment: nature above all in time, places and human relationship, and art, healthy foods, and books. Trees of life everywhere as well as with sun and water.

Patients wish to have possibilities, and not only rules. As the place of care should give them possibilities…a coloured and lightful inside where to read, comfortable chairs and beds where to rest, a bar where to meet family and nice people and an outside to breath fresh air in the green, facing the sea or a lake or where there is water.

You can continue to tell us about your vision of the ideal place of care.



Cloud Nuova Inglese



wordcloud ITA



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Epidemiologist and counselor – 30 years of professional life in health care. Classic humanistic background, including the study of Latin and ancient Greek, followed by scientific academic studies, chemistry and pharmacology. First years of career, in private international environment. I worked in medical research, moved to health care organization, getting academic specialization in Epidemiology. Later, in consultancy and health care education. Counselor with transactional analysis orientation. Currently, director of Innovation in Health Care Area of Fondazione ISTUD, an independent not for profit Italian Business School with an humanistic approach acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Researech.. Active member of the board of Italian Society of Narrative Medicine, tenured professor of Narrative Medicine at Hunimed, Milan, and in 2016, referee for World Health Organization for “Narrative Method in Public Health.” Writer of the book; “Narrative medicine: Bridging the gap between Evidence Based care and Medical Humanities,” edited with Springer and of international publications on narrative medicine in scientific journals. Last book “The Languages of care in narrative medicine: words, space and sounds in the healthcare ecosystem”. Lecturer in different international contexts from Academy to Public and Private Foundations.

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