Evolution of the project "Living with Urticaria: a story for cares quality"

Immagine ortica-piccolaThe project “Living with Urticaria: a story for cares quality” was conducted by the Health and Well-Being Area of ISTUD Foundation, to understand the needs of people who live everyday with chronic urticaria and to improve quality of offered care services. From June to November 2014 have been collected more than 150 stories of people who live with this difficult disease. The results will be presented during the SIDEMAST Conference, that will take place in Milan, from 22th to 24th April 2015. Moreover, the project has been chosen to be presented on 9th June 2015 at the EAACI European Conference in Barcelona.

Antonietta Cappuccio

Degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology from the University of Padua and subsequently attended the Master "Scientists in the Company” of ISTUD. Project Manager of the Healthcare Area, Antonietta is an expert in research based on Narrative Medicine and technological innovation applied to research. Expertise in the field of respiratory medicine thanks to the management of the projects "The words of breath 2015-2016" and "SOUND".She presented the results of her research at the international congresses ICAR 2014, EHA 2014, EADV 2015 and ERS 2016 and 2017. In addition to having participated in the writing of the book "Storie Luminose" published by the Sole 24 ore Cultura, she is author of numerous scientific publications.

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