Ci teniamo a segnalare CONVERSATIONS INVITING CHANGE, iniziativa di John Launer.

CIC arises from the simple idea that everyone – whether as a patient, client, learner or colleague – can benefit from telling stories about their experiences, and being skilfully questioned about these. 

CIC can be applied in:
– person-centred consultations with individuals and families
– supervision, coaching and mentoring
– team development and facilitation
– conflict resolution
– training in reflective practice and professionalism
– action learning sets and collaborative learning groups
– leadership and management
– creating a culture of respect

CIC is effective in helping people to move on when they feel stuck, and ideal for difficult or challenging encounters. It is especially effective when professionals need to balance attentiveness to the client’s story with considerations of safety, quality of care, best evidence, or statutory roles.

CIC is based on narrative studies, communication theory and systems thinking. It was first developed at the Tavistock Clinic in London by John Launer and Caroline Lindsey as an approach to healthcare consultations and peer supervision. Since then, it has been introduced to several thousand people in the United Kingdom and abroad through one-day workshops and three-day courses, as well as longer courses for becoming a CIC trainer. It has been taught at Health Education England (formerly the London Deanery) for over ten years for training health professionals in supervision skills.

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