Congresso “Caring and Sharing: Health and Humanities in Today’s World”

Abbiamo il piacere di segnalare la partecipazione di Maria Giulia Marini al congresso “Caring and Sharing: Health and Humanities in Today’s World” organizzato dalla facoltà di lettere dell’Università di Lisbona dal 24 al 25 giugno 2021. L’intervento ha titolo The sound of silence, body language and rhythm and music ed è stato costruito con la collaborazione del dottor Giovanni Albano e della dottoressa Elena Vavassori.

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Un breve estratto dall’intervento:

[…] Body” is a universal word, belonging to the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (4): the rhythm possibly has invited physical movements despite the stiff gowns, diving suits and masks. Rhythm is thought to be Universal sound since the first sound human beings hear is the mother’s heartbeat in her womb, even before the birth, together with the regular and constantly repeated sounds of maternal respiration(5). The drum is an instrument that was invented and adopted for use in music in every culture, and its amplitude contour is such that it conforms to the sound of the pulse as heard from the womb: it looks like that to counteract that huge ocean of sorrow, only the ancestral rhythm, played in the dance of the health care operators among the patients’ bed. It was like a new beginning of human beings, a lively pulse to defeat the dying embedded in Natural sounds. Beforethe pandemic, the listening of classic music in Intensive and operatory theatres was quite a standard, but the COVID-19 had frozen this soothing tool, moving from a dystopic apocalyptic silence to the universal rhythm of Nature, the ]

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