Colour and emotion in relationships of care

The ISTUD Healthcare and Well-being Area, with the unconditional contribution of DANSAC, is developing as part of an innovative Art Therapy project aimed at people with ostomy two new APPs, ColorE and stArt.
ColorE is an APP that addresses people with ostomy and allows them, at any time of day, to indicate the most representative color scale of that moment (based on Luscher’s color test), the prevailing emotion (based on Plutchik’s wheel) and a space where you can narrate freely how you feel. A new and immediate digital instrument to express through colors, emotions and words your emotional state and be in contact with the stomaterapist.


stArt is the specular application of ColorE, it is aimed at the Stomatherapists and allows them to observe at any time of the day how their patients feel, analyze through traces the scale of the colors they have selected, the emotions that prevail in them, and read the narrations. In case of negative emotions repeated over time, the APP allows the stomatherapist to release notifications to his patient, create a contact for further investigation.
Experimental use in the coming months of these APPs will make it possible to build a different relationship between stomatotherapist and person with ostomy, shifting attention from the management of the technical aspects of ostomy to taking care of the person in a broader sense, to the meaning that attributes to colours, its emotions, the narrations of his experience.


Luigi Reale

Degree in Political Science, Master in Health Management at SDA Bocconi in Milan. He developed research project, training and consultancy in healthcare organizations. He is professor of organization and health politics. In recent years he focused his interest on sustainability and personalization of care through the narrative approach. He has authored various project research, articles and essays on these topics. He is Director of the Health Area of the ISTUD Foundation, member of the Board of the Italian Society of Narrative Medicine.

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