colorE wins the ASSOREL Award as best mobile APP

We are pleased to inform our readers that on December 3rd, during the 21st Assorel Award ceremony, the APP colorE won and was awarded in the “best mobile APP” section. The application was created by the DNA study group (Dansac Nurse Academics), composed of 20 ostomatherapist nurses who, led by the ISTUD Foundation with the support of the company Hollister, from 2016 is following a training and experimental path on innovative care paths.

The APP colorE is aimed at people who live with an ostomy, giving them the opportunity to express, in a particular moment of everyday life, which is the emotion that prevails at that time (referring to the primary emotions of Plutchik), which color represents most of that moment (inspired by the language of colors of Luscher) and to tell through the narrative what they feel.

“Our mission is to make life more dignified and rewarding for people who live with an ostomy and we do so through concrete and innovative initiatives such as the ColorE app, which helps to facilitate communication between caregiver and patient, innovates the relationship and focuses attention on the emotional experience of the person, which is very important when dealing with a delicate time as the disease. My thanks go to all those who contributed to the project, therefore to the DNA nurses, to the ISTUD Foundation which supervised and guaranteed the methodological quality and scientific content, to the Deveyes Group which expertly supervised the technical development and to FAIS for testing the app at an early stage and helping to improve it with its feedback. – Nicola Barni, General Manager of Hollister Company

Luigi Reale

Degree in Political Science, Master in Health Management at SDA Bocconi in Milan. He developed research project, training and consultancy in healthcare organizations. He is professor of organization and health politics. In recent years he focused his interest on sustainability and personalization of care through the narrative approach. He has authored various project research, articles and essays on these topics. He is Director of the Health Area of the ISTUD Foundation, member of the Board of the Italian Society of Narrative Medicine.

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