Childs and care: two manuals for professionals

This text is divided into two main sections. The first section is used to understand child thinking and the experiences of illness in childhood; the second section calls the reader to act in first person, to put into practice, in their daily work in pediatric care environment, the different concepts learned. The volume is rich in sample boxes, voices, exercises and direct testimonies from children. Through these, the reader can enrich with examples in the text with cases treated and perhaps can develop strategies for change, to be implemented in the future, alone or with other colleagues.

These are the main contents of the book “Facilitating the understanding of the disease in the child” by Michele Capurso, published by FrancoAngeli. We provide our readers with the entire text, an interesting tool for psycho-social and educational work, aimed mainly at doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers.

The second manual we wish to share and report is entitled “Primary Child Care: A manual for health workers“, by the World Health Organization, published by Macmillan Education, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Primary Child Care: A manual for health workers has been written for health workers who provide primary care of infants and children, either during home visits or at health facilities with limited resources, and usually with little opportunity to refer children for further help. This revised edition of the manual is the result of an international effort coordinated by the Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development.

Matteo Nunner

Graduated in Literature at the University of Eastern Piedmont, he's now studying anthropological and ethnological science at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Journalist and writer, he collaborated with many local newspapers and in the 2015 he published his first book "Qui non arriva la pioggia". In the 2017 published "Il peccato armeno, ovvero la binarietà del male".

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