CHEMOods and Atri Paintings: Annunziata Tricarico’s journey through illness and the power of Art, with Stephen Legari and Federica Vagnarelli – EUNAMES LECTURE (28/11/2022)

ANNUNZIATA TRICARICO is a contemporary Artist based in Abudhabi with a strong international background in marketing and communication. Early this year, as soon as she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, she decided to express her conflicting emotions and moods through Art. CHEMOod Project started with the idea of painting 12 self-portraits, each after every cycle of chemotherapy.  The series of portraits (and chemotherapy treatment) was interrupted after the 7th when Nunzia was admitted in Intensive Care Unit for severe pneumonia. Even during and after ICU time, Nunzia kept on using figurative art as a powerful mean of self-awareness and self-healing.  

STEPHEN LEGARI holds a master’s in creative arts therapies from Concordia University and a master’s in couple and family therapy from McGill University, where he trained in the Developmental Couple Therapy for Complex Trauma. He has worked extensively with individuals, groups, couples, and families in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Since 2017, Stephen has been program officer for art therapy at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where he has developed specialized therapy programs for groups, supervised master’s level students, and contributed to numerous publications on the arts in health.

FEDERICA VAGNARELLI is a paediatrician and neonatologist at the Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi. She holds a Master Medical Humanities at UNIMORE and a Master in Applied Narrative Medicine at ISTUD. She is a certified facilitatore in Narrative Medicine by SiMEN.

The European Narrative Medicine Society was born from an idea of the Italian Society of Narrative Medicine (SIMeN), and  it is an association of non-profit researchers dedicated to the investigation of Medical Humanities and Humanities for Health in the medical, health care, social services.

The purpose of this European Society is to promote and strengthen dialogues, discussions on the present and the future of Medical Humanities and narrative medicine, for health professionals, researchers (both academics and non-academics), humanists, teachers and other professionals coming from every branch. All this with the aim to contribute to improve both the well-being of people who suffer from a physical condition or a mental illness, and the health workers, the caregivers, the social services and the citizenship.



We are always welcoming new members from around Europe and happy to broaden our host member community with people from around the world. If you want to join us, please send a short profile to the above email and we will be in touch.

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